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Abel Tasman Village is an Aged Care facility located in Sydney’s Southwest. For more than twenty years Abel Tasman has welcomed people from many cultures and backgrounds.

Given our beginnings as a provider for the Dutch community, we understand the sensitivities and challenges faced by culturally and linguistically diverse older people. Without ongoing support, good care and assistance with communication to loved ones, this can lead to isolation and vulnerability.

People of non-English speaking backgrounds may have trouble expressing their needs or understanding what is being communicated to them. Abel Tasman incorporates cultural understanding that includes language, family, celebrations, spirituality and religion, food, customs and traditions.

We’re home for, and provide home care to, a wide range of people from different cultural backgrounds – Dutch, Australian, Eastern European, Lebanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Maltese, Russian, Sth American, Greek and many more – it’s a wonderful melting pot!

This understanding of our consumers and customers unique cultural dimensions is how we build human connections and ensure our care and services are appropriate, welcomed and beneficial. Abel Tasman have been very happy with the services, expert technical advice and support provided over the years from Nexgen.


John, the Abel Tasman IT Manager, reached out to Nexgen to explore an option to have all the consumers in their Aged Care facility connect their lines and handsets to Abel Tasman’s main phone system if they chose to. Currently all consumers had their own phone and line with all different providers. If the consumer requested, they wanted to be able to on-bill their residents for call usage and offer them very cheap and competitive phone lines and call rates. This was to assist current and new tenants to have one point of contact when they want a phone and line set up rather than going through different providers and long wait times.


We proposed & delivered a NEC SV9100 with 80 handsets. The 80 handsets included digital and analogue handsets. We also supplied and installed Call Accounting software.

Nexgen ported over the consumers’ numbers to their new PRI service. Nexgen also connected new handsets to approx. 60 rooms and centralized their communication. Nexgen worked with contractors to have all new underground cables run between MDF’s, IDF’s and new buildings. Abel Tasman Village then had access to communicate with all the consumers. Abel Tasman Village also were able to on-bill their consumers for lines and calls which assisted them in offsetting some of their monthly telco costs through the Call Accounting software.


– Successful call management through the NEC Phone system

– Ability to transfer calls easily from room to room and from room to reception

– Easy communication internally between the staff and the consumers of the Aged Care facility

– Easy to on-bill their consumers for call costs and line rental fee

– Easy set up options for new and existing tenants to have a phone and line set up at their residence.

– Management has access to the system also to make their own modifications. Access to both the telephone system and the call accounting software enables them to make changes when required.

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