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nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet Fibre

Move your business. Faster.

Why business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet Fibre?

Business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet (NBNEE) provides customers with super-fast, reliable, and affordable internet for all types of businesses. Whether you have 3 staff or a multi-site operation, nbn™ enterprise ethernet services are designed to support you and your business.

Business nbn™ NBNEE is delivered via fibre optical technology to your office and provides symmetrical speeds from 10Mbps up to 1Gbps providing support to data-intensive businesses.

The service is affordable, reliable, and superfast internet delivered over a dedicated fibre network—which means it never slows down during peak periods. Take your business to new heights with Nexgens business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet. Work at lightning speed via the nbn™ flagship fibre access product that provides download speeds up to 40 times faster than the average maximum.

Enable your business

Drive growth and productivity with fibre-optic speed connectivity. Maximise on the reliability and speeds offered to assist your business-critical applications like voice, video conferencing, CRM, cloud computing and uploading files in complex and large organisations.


As your business grows, the flexibility and scalability of nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet allows your business to not be held back. Seamless upgrades with no interruptions give nbn™ Enterprise Ethernets services that leading edge.

Reduce costs

Looks at further discounts on our nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet products, when you combine it with some of Nexgen’s Cloud Telephony services.

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet Fibre Speeds













Frequently asked questions

It takes approx. 55 days to deliver the service to your premises. Delivery times may vary depending on the work required to deliver the fibre.

All our NBN EE services come with a static IP address, so you have more control and security

You definitely can use your own router for the NBN EE service. You just need to ensure your router supports the bandwidth you have ordered.

The plan comes with unlimited data so you don’t have to worry about any bill shock for excess data.

Have additional questions? - We’re always here to help!


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