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For the business owner of today, it’s become critical to invest in security and technology to firstly, protect your business and your team, and secondly, to ensure they have the latest technology to be productive. Nexgen can provide you with advice on the best security system or video conferencing technology to not give you peace of mind but to keep you and your team connected.


Security Biometric is the science of using physical characteristics (fingerprints, eyes, hands) to identify a person and some of the products used in this system include fingerprint readers and retinal scanners. Biometrics can help you business monitor productivity, when your staff start and finish work, when they take their breaks as well as being able to be linked directly back to your payroll system, saving you time and resources. When you are considering security Biometric , you want to have physical characteristics that are constant and do not change over time and are also difficult to fake or change on purpose. We have an ideal solution for all businesses, as us today for free consultation.

HD Digital Video Recorder

The HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is the main component of any traditional security system. They take the video feed from the camera and change it into a usable, replayable video file. All of our recorders are packed with features like: Remote access from smartphones, tablets, and computers, motion activated recording, H.264 compression, realtime recording, network usage optimization (dual-streaming), HDMI 1080p output, USB backup, and literally dozens of tunable settings and features.

HD Cameras

In today’s business environment, the ability to view high quality, full frame rate video over the network opens a world of opportunities for todays video security professionals. The deployment of HD cameras and network video recorders not only helps businesses realise the cost savings of leveraging existing network infrastructures but video over HD can provide greater control enhanced operational flexibility, improved administration and expanded recording, archiving and integration capabilities compared to traditional analogue technologies.The use of HD cameras can not only help reduce theft, but also improve productivity through monitoring staff and improving processes helping your business grow.