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Surveillance has become increasingly essential to small and large business. They are there to protect your business, to help monitor employee performance and increase security at workplace sites, ensuring employee and customer safety.

You can choose from our wide arrange of products. Whether this is for a complete security solution for your business or solution for your business, or equipment to upgrade your current security system.

Nexgen offers the best and most optimal security system for your business. To help you take your mind off security issues, allowing you to use that time to focus on what really matters for your business. We strive to meet the best quality and efficiency standards and help you get the most efficient solution for your small or large enterprise at the cost you are looking for.

Monitoring Your Business Anytime from Anywhere

The Nexgen Surveillance system is beyond any typical security system. It not only allows you to monitor your business while you are away but also plays a vital role in helping business owners in managing their workplace without being physically there. Nexgen has helped many Australian Business owners with the following benefits:

  • Maintain a healthy work/life balance
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce theft at workplace
  • Secure and maintain stock levels
  • Occupational Health and Safety reduction in claims and issues
  • Reduce vandalism and property damage occurrences

Top 5 Benefits from Installing one of our Surveillance Systems:



State of the art products and systems guaranteed to last for a very long time, with minimum maintenance and top performance standards.



This is a key factor in any surveillance system. Any type of system must always be able to perform and maintain its functions in routine circumstances, as well as hostile or unexpected circumstances.



We are approved by ASIAL and all our technicians are certified. Our surveillance systems and equipment are also guaranteed to last.



Having an easily operable surveillance system will allow your staff to focus on the key aspects of company security rather than the technical ones.



Systems designed for multiple purposes, easy integrability and replacement allow us to perform quick upgrades, fixes and adapt to your business’ needs.

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