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Business FIBRE

Keep your business moving

Why Fibre?

Running a business can be difficult and has many challenges. But it’s even more difficult when you have an Internet connection that doesn’t support your business requirements and slowing you down.

At Nexgen, we’re excited about – you guessed it – fast Internet. That’s why our Business Fibre is designed to keep your business moving.
As more things move to the cloud, businesses are needing that leading edge internet service to support the additional bandwidth required to support these applications.

Fibre optical services are the Rolls Royce of internet services, delivering high-speed, scalable connections with the reliability to keep your business moving. Get anywhere from 100/100 speeds up to 1GB speeds connected with Nexgen.

Getting Fibre to your business through Nexgen is a seamless process. You will have your own Service Delivery Manager to work with you closely to getting the Fibre delivered to your office. Our team are highly experienced and dedicated to delivering the best solution for you.

Protect your Business

With a Fibre internet service, you are giving your staff have the best tools to work with. The speed, reliability and flexibility of Fibre allows your staff to remove the headache of slow, forever dropping internet.

WFH made easier

With the modern workplace moving to a more WFH model, fibre allows these users to connect back to your office seamlessly.
Are you sick of your staff saying, ‘the connection to the office is too slow’? If so, then Fibre can help you reduce that stress.

Scalable and Flexible

As your business grows, so too can your Fibre service.

Our Fibre services can scale with your business to best support you, your staff, and your applications. Upgrades are quick with no disruptions to your day to day running of the business. Don’t let other internet services which are restricted to speeds hold your business from growing.

Unlimited Data

Are you Constantly running out of included data in your current internet plan? Well, Nexgen’s Fibre plans all come with unlimited download and upload usage.

This will avoid any bill shock for you and your business so you can concentrate on what matters.

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