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Top 10 Phone System Features and How They Work

Getting reliable office phones is necessary for any business that wants to meet the needs of its customers and employees. A cloud phone system will not only eliminate inconveniences within your business but will also save you a lot of money. Nevertheless, choosing the best cloud phone system is not easy because they all have different features. […]

Beginner’s Guide to Understanding IP Phones

IP phones represent the future of communications, both in our places of business and in our homes. In order to get the best from this technological advance, you need to first have a solid understanding of what these phones are all about and what they can do for your business or your residential property. You may […]

Is Call Recording Legal in Australia?

Your call may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes. Most people have heard that notification at least once when calling a business in Australia. A PABX phone system is equipped with many features and options, including call recording software for incoming and outgoing calls from your business line. Consumers may find it annoying – or reassuring – that […]

How to Troubleshoot VoIP Common Issues | Voip Not Working

If your VoIP phone is not working, you need to quickly and effectively identify the issue. In most cases, problems such as these have swift and reliable solutions that you can implement, getting your business back on track without delay. VoIP Phone not working A VoIP phone is a highly reliable means of conducting crucial communication […]

Voicemail to Email: How It Works

Voicemail has always been a useful way to help businesses stay connected and stay informed. In the modern digital age, however, voicemail has evolved into something a little more sophisticated and valuable than a mere recorded message on a phone. Voicemail to email is one such feature that has taken voicemail to the next level. […]

What is a PABX System and How Does It Work?

What is PABX and How Does It Work? Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) has powered corporate communication systems for many years. PABX consists of several components, such as stations and lines in a closed network. While businesses with a PABX can use a platform of their choice, their service provider must use a Public Switched Telephone Network. […]

What Is a Phone Outage?

Phone outages can be detrimental to businesses. Each minute a customer cannot reach you is a potential sale lost or loyal customer angered. Businesses have little control over a planned or unplanned telecom outage. The downtime your company experiences due to a phone outage can cost around $5,600 per minute. Depending on the size of your […]

How to Get a 1300 Number in Australia

For businesses in Australia, 1300 phone numbers are a necessity. Their popularity has skyrocketed in recent years for good reason. Regardless of their size, businesses realise the value of 1300 numbers for meeting current needs whilst promoting growth.   The Benefits of a 1300 Number in Australia 1300 numbers in Australia are no longer a luxury for businesses. When you get […]

Should You Get a Cloud Based Phone System?

When businesses are just starting out, they have few customers and limited operations. As a result, they don’t need to make many phone calls. However, as the business expands and adds new employees, it may need new phone capabilities. In some instances, it may be difficult to host all phone systems within the company’s premises. […]

VoIP Phone on NBN: Everything You Need to Know for 2021

  VoIP phone systems are changing the way we make and receive calls, and this is being supported by the ongoing rollout of NBN. Read on to learn more about VoIP services via NBN and to discover how this will impact your business or residential property in 2021 What is a VoIP phone? VoIP stands for voice over […]

Line Hunting and Hunt Groups — What Does This Mean?

What does it mean to go hunting lines or hunting calls? This terminology refers to a very important aspect of taking calls at your business and is something you need to be aware of as you provide a great experience to your customers and partners. What Is Line Hunting? Line hunting is a strategy that businesses use […]

Cloud vs SIP vs VoIP

Businesses exploring their phone system options are confronted with terms like VoIP, SIP, and the Cloud. All that alphabet soup can be overwhelming if you are not a technophile. Organisations that know they need to upgrade their office phones can request assistance to determine which phone system is best for their specific needs. Whether you […]

What is Call Waiting?

To say call waiting is the biggest benefit of modern digital telephony is an understatement. But what is call waiting? In this guide, we go into more detail and explain how it works, turn on call waiting and turn call waiting off. What Does Call Waiting Mean? Call waiting is a popular phone feature that […]

Remote Work Statistics

Remote Working Statistics Remote working isn’t a new idea. Many organisations have been embracing the benefits of allowing their employees to work from home for several years. However, the coronavirus pandemic forced many more businesses to adapt and evolve. Only time will tell how the pandemic will influence the future of remote work. Will companies […]

Enabling Work from Home Solutions: Virtual Receptionist

Answering Services for Small Businesses When you are operating a successful – and growing – business, no call should be left unanswered. For small-to-medium-sized businesses, this can be a difficult objective to achieve with limited staffing. A virtual receptionist is a phone answering service that can field all incoming calls on your company’s behalf. With more companies accommodating […]

Flexible Working Arrangements: What It Means To Your Business

Flexible working arrangements once were a coveted benefit that only some organisations embraced and that few workers enjoyed. Now, flexibility in the workplace is no longer considered a perk. Thanks to the global pandemic, many companies initially scrambled to find a solution for flexibility and adaptability in the workplace. This ultimately led to the rise […]

What Is Call Forwarding and How Does It Work?

A Guide to Call Forwarding Call forwarding, otherwise known as “call diversion” is a phone management feature, commonly used by businesses (and other organisations) to redirect a phone call to another destination. In other words, when you receive an incoming call, you can forward or redirect it to a new number. If you choose to […]

What does a modern call centre phone system look like?

With so many ways for customers to connect with businesses these days – email, chat, social – does anyone still pick up the phone and call?  Despite the increase in online self-service, customers still prefer to speak to a live agent for support. According to Microsoft, 1 in 3 customers say the most important factor […]

How the NBN is changing the way you do business

How many times have you or someone you worked with complained about internet speeds? Whether you work alone or within a large organisation, you definitely rely on the internet for at least some part of your job. By now, you’ll probably have heard about the National Broadband Network (NBN™) and are wondering how it will […]

Top corporate phone systems used by industry leaders

Effective business communication is essential for the success of any business. And your corporate phone system is critical to this. With cloud technology playing an increasingly larger role for businesses of all kinds, many industries are making the switch to cloud based office phone systems, and as a result achieving accelerated growth. The manufacturing industry […]

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