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Top corporate phone systems used by industry leaders

Effective business communication is essential for the success of any business. And your corporate phone system is critical to this. With cloud technology playing an increasingly larger role for businesses of all kinds, many industries are making the switch to cloud based office phone systems, and as a result achieving accelerated growth. The manufacturing industry […]

Tips for finding the perfect Phone Sytems for a Small Business

How often do you think about the business phone system you use? Most of us carry on with our day without a moment’s glance. If the phones are working, great. These days though, a phone system can do so much more, while also improving productivity and efficiency for your business, so it’s worth thinking about. […]

The trends transforming the telecoms industry in 2021

There’s no slowing down the telecommunications industry, and it’s even harder to keep up with it all when there’s so many options out there in the world of business phone systems. 2020 saw a wave of disruption come about for the telecommunications industry, as the COVID-19 pandemic steered businesses in different directions, connecting them in […]

Cisco phone systems for your business

Cisco is synonymous with business telephony hardware and software applications, manufacturing phone system products since the 80s. Today, the same still holds true. As more businesses are switching to VoIP, Cisco is making a name for itself as a leader in the IP phones segment, helping businesses overcome their communication barriers.  A Cisco small business […]

10 ways to own your cybersecurity in 2020

By Louis Columbus | Forbes For many professionals, their personal and professional lives have blended together thanks to the growing number of connected, IoT-capable devices including cars, home security systems, smartphones, virtual assistants and more. It’s typical to find homes with two dozen or more connected devices that are relied on for everything going on […]

The Benefits of Digital vs. Analogue Phone Systems

With today’s technological advances it has never been a better time to purchase a new phone system. You can opt for a whole host of smart features and options, but a good place to start is by choosing between a digital or analogue phone system. So how do you decide what is best for your […]

Should you use a domestic phone for your business?

Whether or not you should use a domestic phone system for your company depends on the nature of your business. There are a number of aspects which will help you determine whether a domestic or business phone system is right for you. Here are some of the factors to consider. The Cost of Setting up […]

How a Phone System Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

Installing a phone system can greatly help your medical practice to handle a high volume of incoming calls. The team at Nexgen can assist in selecting and implementing a phone system that works for your business. Here are some of the ways a phone system can benefit your medical practice. HICAPS HICAPS is advantageous to […]

What is the difference between VOIP and SIP Phone Systems

Many businesses are moving forward and choosing telephony technology such as VoIP or SIP phone systems. These systems are enabling companies to cut down on their communication costs. Nexgen Australia is able to advise which system would suit your business. Here are some of the differences between VoIP and SIP phone systems. What Does VoIP […]


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