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We Make Relocating Telecommunications Simple

Relocating your office is a challenging task. There are so many things to consider that it is very easy to feel daunting and fall into a crack. One of the most confusing tasks of relocating a business is how to transfer telecom services and the internet.

We understand the pain points, and we created six steps that can help your relocation process much smoother for you.

In Nexgen Australia, we specialise in making your transition as simple as possible. Our expert telecommunications team has helped countless companies make a seamless transition between locations.

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Nexgen’s Complete Telecommunications Relocation Guide

Providing you with a step-by-step guide on what you need when relocating your business.

1 Choose Location A

Choosing Your New Location

Several positive aspects of a new location for telecommunications services are:

To assist with choosing the perfect location for your business, Nexgen Australia offers a location selection service that will provide you with everything you need to find a building that offers all the telco connectivity you need.

By assessing your specific needs as a business, we will advise you what your potential location is available from an internet perspective.
When searching for your next location, you should consider important factors that ensure conditions are optimal for your telecommunications systems.

step 02

Planning Your Installation

Once you have selected the perfect location for your business, it is time to get started on turning it into your company’s new home by installing new telco and IT services.

We have created a timeline for the installation of phone lines, internet and data connections.

step 03

Know Your Service Requirements

When you are relocating your services, it is important to consider every service number and connection that you want to take with you to your new location.

These include:

  • Your main business number
  • Your fax number
  • Any additional direct numbers you advertise
step 04

Preparing For The Move Itself

Make moving easier on your company by taking these steps beforehand to ensure you have everything you need to be fully operational as soon as you relocate.

While packing up the old location, we recommend taking an inventory of all your hardware and equipment. It is also the perfect time to check the efficiency of your machines and to consider if an upgrade to more current technology is necessary. In addition to our relocation services, Nexgen also offers great telco and office equipment products and prices.

step 05

Evaluating The New Space

The New Layout

Using the floorplans of the new location, it is necessary to:

  • Create the area setup, including where desks and computers will be placed for workers.
  • Space for communal printers, faxes and conferencing equipment
  • Power outlets and existing phone/ethernet connections
relocation budget

Budgeting For The Cost Of Relocation

When moving, it is important to budget for everything from installation to any continuity planning, so that you are financially prepared for whatever may come. This includes:

  • Call Diversion
  • Removalists
  • Security & CCTV
  • WiFi For Your Business
  • Switch to the Cloud

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For more information on the relocation guide , please download the brochure.