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Clark Rubber are your experts in foam and rubber. We’ve got everything foam from mattresses and overlays to custom-cut foam to upholster lounges, chairs and cushions. We’ve also got everything rubber with cut-to-length flooring and coverings from matting to stripping, extrusions, carpets, artificial grass and more.


Jaimie reached out to Nexgen for assistance with his phone system which was antiquated and wasn’t able to effectively manage his incoming calls in a professional manner. The existing cordless phones had very little range & were unable to transfer effectively through the store giving the employees a hard time when it came to managing a customer inquiry.

Overall they had a phone system that was over 10 years old and the technology was simply outdated.


We proposed & delivered a Panasonic Hybrid NS700 which 1 main reception/main console & 4 x DECT Rugged cordless phone, voicemail, voicemail to email, an automated attendant alongside music on hold. The client had a significant payout on their telecommunications contract with the existing carrier however were in dire need for a new system. Nexgen decided to keep the existing carrier and run our phone system on the existing lines. This allowed the client to benefit from the features & functionality of the NS700 without having to break the existing telco contract & pay exorbitant early termination fees.


– Successful call management through the Hybrid System

– Ability to transfer calls easily from cordless to handset & from handset to cordless

– Easy communication internally between the staff through the phone system

– Clients were answered in a professional & timely manner

– Smartphone Mobility applications allowed the managers to be online when outside of the retail store

– Internal staff significantly happier with the new phones, new features & new technology allowing them to manage client’s enquiries/call traffic accordingly.

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