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Connect your onsite telephone system and enjoy high quality calls at lower prices

Empower Your Team with Nexgen Cloud Communication

Nexgen helps Australian businesses supercharge growth with VOIP solutions that simplify their phone systems and deliver powerful, new, class-leading communication features. Provide an exceptional customer experience every time and reduce costs with our cloud-based VOIP phone systems. VOIP provides companies with faster communication than a traditional phone system, allowing them to achieve significantly more in far less time.

Cloud-based IP telephony solutions remove the annoying desk-based limitations associated with traditional analogue phone systems to empower your team. Powerful IP telephony features help your team stay constantly connected via telephone calls, instant messaging, SMS, and video calls on every device. Talk to us today to understand how our VOIP services can supercharge your organisation’s growth with better communication. Schedule your FREE unified communications consultation now before your business is left behind with a phone solution that misses all of the best opportunities.

VOIP Phones
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Unlimited Calls

Access Unlimited Local, National, and Mobile Calls

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Hunt Group

Access Unlimited Local, National, and Mobile Calls

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Fully Featured

Voicemail to Email, Line Hunt, and Call Forward all included

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NBN Ready

Our Hosted Solutions are 100% NBN Compatible

Move Communication Beyond Your Desk

The days of being tied down to your office desk waiting for important calls from clients or stakeholders are over. Now is the perfect time to move business communications beyond your office desk phone with a cloud-based phone service built on VOIP tech. Our voip-based unified communications platform is securely hosted in the cloud providing the dedicated phone solution with your business needs now and into the future. The latest VOIP tech allows your team to quickly adapt to dynamic business requirements on the fly and seamlessly communicate with customers or colleagues from virtually anywhere in the world. Communicate via voice, live chat, SMS, and video calls on every device. Invest in the Nexgen IP telephony VOIP system that your team needs to succeed TODAY.

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Access Powerful Features for Faster Communication

  • Automatic divert to mobile
  • Intelligent call routing
  • Integrated call recording
  • Your virtual receptionist
  • Fast voicemail to email
  • Keep your existing numbers
  • Virtual phone numbers
  • Custom greetings, faxes & more

Automatic divert to mobile

Continue to provide superior customer service and peace of mind to customers with automated call forwarding to your smartphone, no matter where your work takes you using Automatic Divert to Mobile.

Intelligent call routing

Get access to advanced call settings such as simultaneous ringing, sequential ringing or multiple extensions to ensure that your customers can always get through to the right person at any time without delay.

Integrated call recording

Protect your business, enhance employee communications, and evaluate call performance with integrated call recording for all of your inbound and outbound calls. Nexgen helps your business deliver quality communication, simplify training, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Your virtual receptionist

Lacking the resources for a full-time receptionist or need to streamline operational efficiency? Manage your calls effectively with automatic answering and directing to the right people through specific pathways that you create.


Fast voicemail to email

Automatically receive new voicemail messages from customers straight to your inbox. Access all of your messages at any time by playing back the audio file, or by reading a transcript of the message in your email.

Keep your existing numbers

When you move your phone system to the cloud you can keep all of the existing numbers and extensions you already have. There’s no need to go through the pain of setting up new business numbers, printing new stationery, or risking the potential loss of clients with VOIP.

Virtual phone numbers

Easily set up legitimate virtual local phone numbers that connect to your mobile or desk phone regardless of your business size or location. Explore new markets with an authoritative virtual presence in any location. 

Custom greetings, faxes & more

We can tailor a unique cloud solution to align with all of your business requirements. Personalise your customer experience with customised greetings, manage your business faxes, or integrate your CRM – we can handle the entire process for a frictionless experience from start to finish.

Supercharge your customer experience today

Often a single missed phone call can be commercially disastrous for your business. Nexgen cloud-based VOIP phone systems use your internet connection to provide phone calls along with powerful communication capabilities that are normally reserved for top-tier enterprise-grade business phone systems. Get access to many of the same features that Fortune 500 companies are using at a price that every business can now afford with VOIP.

All of our Nexgen VOIP packages feature intelligent call forward, virtual receptionist, voicemail to email, and business SMS. Improve team productivity, reduce response times, build better customer relationships, and avoid missing out on potential clients with cloud VOIP calls. Upgrading your phone system to VOIP is incredibly simple to set up, use, and manage using mobile and desktop apps. Easily customise your communications to align with your business needs and add new features, additional users or more extensions as your business grows.

Let our team show you how you can get more done, while never missing a call, regardless of where you are in the world today.

FAQS - Frequently Asked Questions

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