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Why and how the NBN for Business Can Be Invaluable

Faster and easier communications – Fast, reliable broadband enriches the video conferencing experience. Stay connected to offices, staff, clients, customers, suppliers and systems from multiple locations, cutting travel costs

Connectivity means productivity – Accessing and sharing data is easy. Realise the benefits of cloud based services with access to high-speed NBN internet plans. Better connectivity allows you to access information about customers, suppliers, and staff at home and in the office, and on any connected device, letting you work smarter.

Open up a world of opportunities– With high-speed NBN bundle plans, you have the opportunity to improve your customers’ online experience, break down geographic barriers, as well as grow your potential local market.

Improve productivity and keep better staff – Help staff to work more effectively online, and as you grow your business more people can share the same connection. Our NBN internet plans also have the potential to boost employee productivity regardless of their location.

Change the way you do business – Our NBN bundle plans provide opportunities to change the way you do business. Develop new products and services; tap new channels to showcase your offerings; and expand to global markets.

Celebrate collaboration – Successfully bring together the best people from multiple locations to work together on a project. And even when team members are away, fast internet allows them to stay connected and updated with the project. This ability to work together wherever, whenever, could improve team productivity.

The NBN for Business aims to improve the way Australian businesses can operate and communicate

The high speeds available over various the internet NBN plans could change the way you do business, improving your productivity, giving you better access to new markets and cutting costs on your small business phone, internet and inter-office communication.

Keep in mind though that your experience, including the speeds actually achieved over the NBN, depends on some factors outside our control like your equipment quality, software, broadband plans and how your service provider designs its network. Access to your work network will also depend on factors outside our control like your organisations’ IT policy and infrastructure.


Live chat & video calls

to provide new ways to service and interact with your customers


Greater efficiency and lower costs

with the time saved in sending and receiving large files online



to provide new ways to service and interact with your customers


Extended business hours online

to allow for 24 hour online trading


Attracting and retaining skilled staff

who may not live near your office, through teleworking


More lines

means more customers, increased ability to support multi-line voice services and telephony applications giving you access to multiple lines within their premises.

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