Is Your Business Future Proof – The Top 4 NBN Tips

Is Your Business Future Proof – The Top 4 NBN Tips

With technology constantly evolving, it’s important in business to stay ahead of the game. The NBN is rolling out nationally bringing faster internet speeds and helping businesses run more efficiently. The NBN can open up a number of opportunities for your business, which you may consider to help make your business futureproof.

Are You Ready?

Have you made sure your business is NBN ready? The NBN may already be rolling out in your area. You can visit to see if the NBN is already in your area. If not, you can sign up for updates so that you can plan ahead. The changeover doesn’t happen automatically and you will need to contact your service provider to discuss your plan options to best suit your business.

Check that all your equipment is compatible for the switch. You may need to upgrade equipment to be ready for the NBN. It is best to be as prepared as possible before the NBN is rolled out in your area, as once it is available, Broadband will be switched off 18 months later. We recommend you put together a list of all your services which rely on the internet, phone system, EFTPOS, fax, security cameras, even how you order stock.

Seize Every Opportunity

The NBN is connecting people much quicker than before providing greater opportunities. Remote communities are now able to share their product or service with the rest of the world. If your business wasn’t online before, due to internet speeds, the NBN is changing that. Faster internet speeds can enable you to engage with your clients or customers which could potentially increase your sales. You will have greater access to advertising means which are becoming more innovative.

Social media is becoming increasingly more popular in spreading the word. This may mean you need to increase your tech savvy skills, or bring in someone else to seize this opportunity. Increased internet speeds can increase your channels of communication and you can consider using email or skype to reach your customers. A higher level of engagement means you can reach more customers quicker and faster than ever before.

Get Your A Team

Every business strives to have the best people for the job. The NBN enables people to come together to work on projects. This means employees don’t necessarily have to be local. You can also provide flexible working opportunities by being connected with the NBN. The fast speed of the NBN means that employees can collaborate in real-time no matter where they are.

This gives you the option to offer work from home opportunities and may be ideal if an employee wants to return to work after growing their family, but don’t have the childcare means to do this. Connecting in this way reduces the need for a large office space and you may be able to cut costs and downsize. Advertising a job on the internet can reach anywhere in the world, giving you a larger pool of candidates for the position. This gives you a greater chance at picking the right employees and the NBN makes it possible to connect your business in this way.

Move with the times

What might have worked 10 years ago for your business is probably not going to work now. Word of mouth has always been a great form of publicity both positively and negatively. This has evolved with the internet and anyone in the world can review your product or service. If you want your product or service to stand the test of time you need to keep up with the market.

The quick speeds of the NBN can help you flick out some emails to survey customers or potential customers to see how you can improve. Social media is also a way of getting your customers to engage more and find out what they want. Customers and clients are now able to be more interactive than ever before. If you want your business to be futureproof it is important to get up to speed with the NBN and see what it has to offer.

The NBN can assist your business to be futureproof by connecting you to your customers. Greater engagement means you can communicate with your customers in more ways than ever. It’s also easier and quicker to find out what works for your business and what doesn’t. It’s important to be ready for this switch and move ahead with the times. Be open to opportunities the NBN will provide and get tech savvy to help your business.


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