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Small Business Phone Systems

If you’re a small business, reputation is everything. You can’t afford to be missing calls or experiencing poor call quality. You need a business phone that helps you take control of your business and assist customers without a fuss.

At Nexgen, our office phone specialists can provide a complete cost-effective phone solution for your small business, beyond just the hardware. We’re your business partner helping you maximise your productivity and communicate more effectively.

Reliable Phones Are an Integral Part of Any Business

Reliable business phones are integral to the operations of any business, no matter what their size. Having the right phones in place ensures you can effectively manage your calls and communication flow at all hours of the day and night. Whether it’s diverting to voicemail, voice to email, setting up conference calls call accounting, call recording, virtual receptionist, music on hold, mobility or having simple call forwarding features, Nexgen can customise a solution to meet all your business needs today, and as you grow into the future.

What type of phone system should I choose for my small business?

Deciding on the best fit for your business can be tough. Every business is different and what works for one business might not work for another. With dozens of options on the market, there are a few things you need to consider.

What kind of business phone system do you want for your small business? Are you comfortable using office phone systems, which runs over the internet, or do you want to stick with a reliable landline telephone service?

How many phone lines and extensions do you need? How do you want staff to use the system? This is where having the right features counts.

The Cost of Setting up a Business Phone System

If you’re just starting up your business you may wish to save on costs by using a domestic phone system. Business phone system’s generally cost more; however, it’s what you’re getting for your money that sets them apart. Research the various features of business phone systems and consider whether they would be of benefit to you. Business phone systems, however, generally offer cheaper phone line packages. This may be more suitable in the long run if you are making and receiving a higher volume of calls.

Must-have small phone system features

We have everything your small business needs to manage your calls with ease! Some of the common phone features you shouldn’t be without include:

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Voicemail to Email

Receive voicemail messages straight to your inbox, so you can listen to your messages anytime, anywhere on your computer or mobile device.

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Hunt Group

Distribute your incoming calls to the relevant phone line after a caller makes a choice regarding the purpose of their call.

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Auto attendant

Transfer calls via a voice menu system without the need of having a telephone operator or receptionist.

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Music on hold

Prevent your callers from hanging up the phone by keeping them engaged while waiting to speak with the person on the other line.

Calls from anywhere Flexible Solutions

Calls from anywhere Flexible Solutions

Receive all the capabilities of a full business phone desk on your mobile device, so you can take your work with you wherever you go.

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Conference Calls

Conduct virtual meetings over the phone with numerous people using high quality conference call functionality.

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Call Recording

Build a better customer experience by recording and saving your telephone conversations in a digital audio file format.

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Call Accounting

Capture all of your phone records, usage and costs using our specialised software or hardware.

Most popular small business phone systems

Our best picks include the DT930 by NEC, which is equipped with loads of functionality for smart communications, and is an affordable option built specifically for small businesses.


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24 Handsets


64 Lines

Discover the Nexgen difference

We only partner with the best brands that do the hard work for you. NEC and Panasonic offer amazing phone system solutions for small businesses. These powerhouses have been around for 100 years or so, and they’re always at the forefront of the latest technology. We’re an awarded partner of NEC and Panasonic, which means we know our stuff when it comes to helping businesses all over Australia select the right phone system.

When it comes to small business telephone systems, our years of industry leading experience and support is what matters. We take a personalised approach and assess your current environment to offer you a solution that will work to your advantage. If your current system isn’t up to scratch, we’ll fix it. If you’re overwhelmed with multiple phone bills – we’ll consolidate it all for you.

Whether you’re a home-based operation, a service-based business or a startup, our team of expert consultants can help you find the right small business phone system for your needs.

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