Nexgen and Cisco: Driving better connectivity for Small and Medium-sized business

Nexgen and Cisco: Driving better connectivity for Small and Medium-sized business

Nexgen and Cisco - driving better connectivity for small and mid-sized business


A modern Telecomms provider

Being an active and agile telecommunications provider means that Nexgen has the ability to adapt and evolve as their customers’ needs change and grow.


That has never been more evident than it is today. The onset of COVID-19 meant that being an agile business allowed them to mobilise their off shore operational team quickly and competently into a position where they were working from home in the space of 4 hours in an environment where there was a nationwide lockdown. No more offices open, no more call centres operating meaning little or no communication between provider and customer for a vast majority of businesses in Australia.

Agility means so much more in business today than it did yesterday and thankful are the customers of businesses that are able to provide exactly that as part of their service. It is an often unthought of and underestimated commodity of any business.

A pro-active approach

Of equal importance as agility is the ability to be active with it. What does your decision-making process look like? Does it allow you to be pro-active? Do you have any form of crisis management in place that you can implement at a moment’s notice? Being able to put your agility into action is where the mind and the body of your organisation truly work in sync. The ability of Nexgen to communicate with its customer around what the best option for their business was during the onset of COVID-19 was crucial. Whether it came to setting up diversions, organising Comms Code assistance, and, with the support of our latest corporate partnership, moving businesses onto cloud solutions – enter Cisco.

Partnership with CISCO

Nexgen’s partnership with Cisco in Australia is ground-breaking in its offering of a, previously exclusive enterprise product and platform, Cisco and Broadcloud, to the SME market. The key driver in the success of Nexgen’s Cisco offering during their initial roll out has been the amazing mobility options that it offers businesses. In a world of “Levels” and “Lock Downs” Cisco and the Broadcloud platform open borders, transcend travel bans and bring the world to your doorstep.


No longer having reliance on bricks and mortar to house your staff, with Cisco you can fully mobilise your workforce. If COVID-19 has taught us any lessons then it has to be that the future of Australian business isn’t in the office blocks in the CBD, it is in the homes of your people in suburban Australia.

Some of the fantastic offerings that Nexgen, Cisco and BroadCloud can offer Australian small to medium businesses truly are next level. Not only has it been solely the domain of enterprise and corporate businesses in the past but now all businesses in Australia have the ability to unplug the handset from your desk in your office, plug it in at home and continue with the exact same functionality.

Work from home flexibility

Don’t want to take your handset home? No problem, utilising the mobility application you can have your mobile phone ring at the same time as your desk phone, you can have a softphone option set up on your laptop, Surface or iPad which will allow you to contact or be contacted by your customers.

Not only can you utilise these options for voice calls but also for video. This has made video conferencing a part of your everyday interactions versus the costly time-consuming chore it once was.

There are other cloud options on the market for SME’s that will offer some of the features mentioned above on a similar platform but they aren’t Cisco and they don’t operate on the BroadCloud platform so when you can buy a Ferrari for the price of a Toyota why would you even think twice. 

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