The NBN Rollout: How Will Your Business Be Affected?

The NBN Rollout: How Will Your Business Be Affected?

With greater demands on the system, and an ageing copper cable telephony system, the National Broadband Network (NBN) aims to offer fast internet services across Australia.

We depend so much on the internet nowadays, for both business and personal use, and so upgrading the infrastructure means that people can enjoy faster, more reliable services. However, some business owners are concerned about how this might affect their business, so here are some things you might need to consider.

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The switchover

With a deadline of 2020, many homes and businesses are already able to switch to the new system using a mix of technologies. However, out of the 4.5 million premises that can connect to the network, only 50% are doing so. Unfortunately, just over half of people surveyed were also unaware that their current internet and phone service will be gone, which means if they don’t switch over, they could be left without service.

There is currently a gap of 18-months between an NBN connection being established in an area, and the old ones being switched off, which should provide ample time for people to switch.

The end of ADSL and ISDN

ISDN and ADSL connections are among those being phased out, and the former is often used by businesses. ISDN was an exciting new technology in the 1990s, and replaced unreliable dial-up connections, allowing people to make calls and use the internet at the same time.

However, the newer technologies being installed by NBN mean that no further ISDN customers will be taken on after January 2018. If you are concerned whether this will affect your business phone system contact a member of our team.

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If you currently use ISDN it’s important to know the deadlines for switchovers. By the 30th June 2018, even existing ISDN customers won’t be able to get any new services, and there will be no modifications or additions available for your network.

June 2019 will see service providers such as Telstra starting to disconnect their service, and they will get in touch with customers in advance to advise them of the relevant dates. By 2022, the final exit will be complete, with a total disconnection and support ending for these services.

What other technology will be affected?

When the switch-off happens, it’s important to note that it’s not just laptops and computers that will be affected. Lots of internet-connected devices will need to be switched, including:

  • Security alarms
  • Servers
  • Emergency call buttons
  • Fax machines
  • Lift phones

It’s important to look around the office and work out exactly what’s connected. You can then contact your internet provider to get them switched over.


Although the connection dates might seem far in the future, it’s important to get the switchover done as soon as possible. This is because you may not be getting the best speed and reliability from your old provider. It also means you can troubleshoot any issues before the old system gets cut-off, and ensure you’re ready before the disconnection.

Another reason to take action now is that many people will leave it until the last minute, so if you want IT support services, then it’s better to bring the specialists in before they’re rushing to meet the deadlines.

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Choosing the right technology

Getting NBN-ready means choosing the right internet services for your business. This is why it’s important to speak to experts such as those as Nexgen, who can work out the best way to make the switchover work for you.

It might be that the NBN change is a good time to upgrade your system in general, perhaps choosing some newer applications that make work more efficient. The faster speeds offered by NBN could mean you use more video calling, or can offer live chat services. You could add more VOIP lines, making it easier for people to reach your staff, or allow people to work remotely more often to increase productivity. While NBN certainly has its critics, it could be a good opportunity for your company.

If you’re confused about what NBN might mean for your business, then give Nexgen a call. Experts in getting businesses NBN-ready, we can ensure you are switched over before the disconnection date, and aren’t stuck using an out of date, inefficient network.

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