How a Phone System Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

How a Phone System Can Benefit Your Medical Practice

Installing a phone system can greatly help your medical practice to handle a high volume of incoming calls. The team at Nexgen can assist in selecting and implementing a phone system that works for your business. Here are some of the ways a phone system can benefit your medical practice.


HICAPS is advantageous to your medical practice as it offers private health fund claiming, EFTPOS, Medicare Easyclaim and lodgement of WorkSafe claims. It saves on bank fees and charges and is also free to install and maintain. HICAPS is compatible with telephone lines. When in use it engages the phone for 20-30 seconds per transaction. Installing a phone system in your medical practice offers multiple phone lines so that if one is in use due to the HICAPS process there are several others so that you can still receive incoming calls.

Presence Awareness

As medical practices receive a high influx of calls per day from patients it’s easy for some of these calls to go unanswered. Receptionists can only answer so many incoming calls at a time. A phone system can help distribute the workload between multiple receptionists to ensure calls aren’t missed. Even if the patient is put on hold or a call-back is offered most patients will be satisfied their call has been actioned.

Auto Attendant

If the number of calls is too great for your receptionists you can utilise an auto attendant to direct calls. Menu options are provided and you can set these up to book appointments. This reduces your need for several receptionists to answer the phone and can save you money in multiple wages.

Call Management

Through call management you can customise the phone system to work for your medical practice. Call management is the process of setting parameters for incoming calls. There are a number of solutions for your incoming calls, these include:

  • Translation – This automatically reroutes a call from a certain number to a particular line. This could be useful if a doctor regularly deals with a pharmaceutical company for example.
  • Call queue – This keeps the caller on the line until someone is available to take their call.
  • Auto attendant – as discussed above this directs an incoming call without the need for multiple receptionists.
  • Time and date based routing – if a particular doctor is on call in the evenings or at weekends, calls at these times and on these days can be redirected to the doctor’s mobile.
  • Interactive voice response – This allows patients to verbally communicate what they require.
  • Fax to Email – incoming faxes can be changed to emails and sent to multiple email addresses ensuring the message is received and can be actioned.

Phone systems can greatly assist your medical practice with managing your incoming calls. The team at Nexgen Australia are experienced in finding the solution for your business. A phone system can be adapted to work with HICAPS and ensure all your calls are handled.

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