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We care about giving your child the best start in life.

That is why we ensure that our early learning centres are a place where your child can believe in themselves and achieve anything imaginable. Our passionate Educators and experienced leaders understand that each child has diverse strengths, background and interests. That is why they are always ready to tackle challenges and push boundaries in early learning to nurture your child’s needs. At Paisley Park, we’ve created a space that openly acknowledges and respects your child. This includes your family as part of the transition into a group care environment as we acknowledge you as your child’s first teacher.


  • Communicating internally on different levels
  • Transferring calls from parents to different age groups to speak to educators directly
  • Ability to open entry door from any room as receptionist is not always there
  • Provide access control to staff and parents with limited times & dates.
    • Also access to car park & lifts via access control
    • Access control security is a must
  • Requirement to be able to view by CCTV all play areas inside & outside center
    • Specifically to protect the educators & children


  • Panasonic NS700 PABX Phone System installed throughout the center
    • Wall mount handsets installed in every room 1.5 meters high
    • Paging available via every handsets
    • Panasonic Door Station installed at entries
  • Biometric Access Control installed & configured
    • Entry door
    • Lift
    • Bollard for Boom Gate
  • Comprehensive Biometric Software provided to manage access & times for different levels
  • High End OmniView CCTV installed in specific positions to view & record footage


  • The Panasonic Phone system installed throughout the centers allowed full communications between educators, specifically in multi-level centers
  • Reception can easily transfer calls to right educators & different departments of children age groups
  • By Installing a Panasonic Door Station integrated with Phone System, the staff can open the entry door from any handsets
  • The Omniview CCTV allows the client to playback footage in event of any accidents
    • High Definition wide angle cameras provides a perfect image/playback
  • Biometric Finger access control was setup with different access points using the latest Bio Software Manager to ensure that parents can only enter the premise at the specific times their children are enrolled
    • Each staff member & parent is enrolled using their finger scans, they are labelled in a particular group
  • Staff can use the Bio manager reporting tool to check exactly who, time, date & station used the access control system

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