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Team K Kustoms was born to realize a dream, a dream which has been in our family for many years. From a very young age we have grown up around cars (very fast cars), our father has been involved with cars for many years from building and racing to buying and selling to customizing. Now that our dream is a reality we want to help you realize your dream from one enthusiast to another, with the best service and upfront honest approach. We will provide you with step by step help and advice based on what you want and your budget not ours.
There is no substitute for quality and service, so if you are after something for your individual needs we can uniquely create and customize car to suit.
Our commitment is to provide you with service of the absolute highest quality and with the best products. At Team K Kustoms we invite you to share our passion, the passion to build, service and customize your vehicle and help make your dream reality.


Patrick the owner of Team K Kustoms was relocating at the time however didn’t have much luck with Commander, finding the staff rude & not helpful. Additionally, the customer only had one useable line, was missing calls and unable to park calls & place clients on hold.

Commander didn’t handle it in a timely manner and were unprofessional in dealing with Patrick at the time while managing the transition & relocation of hardware & lines. Customer insisted on paying his ETC with Commander to get out of the contract and move over to Nexgen with a brand new setup.


Implemented a Panasonic NS700 System with 3 handsets along with the inclusion of a Paging System which was able to cover the vast majority of the warehouse/workshop from Patrick’s office. Installed VoIP lines running over a business grade NBN Connection, ported the existing services & main number across to the new location. Inclusions such as voicemail, vmail to email, professional message on hold, 2 x Cordless TCA DECT Handsets and day mode, night mode & lunch mode allowing the system to be programmed to a tee and assist the operation of the business.


Nexgen’s package was able to assist the expansion of the business

– Ported services to new location successfully

– Customer was extremely satisfied with the setup of the new phones & the seamless transition from Commander to Nexgen.

– PA System allows the customer to communicate effectively with other employees within the business.


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