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Since 2004, Highgrove Bathrooms has been supplying Australians with the highest quality bathroom, kitchen, laundry products and fittings.Whether you’re a homeowner, DIY renovator, property investor, or Air B&B property owner we have the solution you’re looking for!

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our customers with designer products at wholesale prices. With a huge range of bathroom supplies, accessories and fittings available across Australia, you’ll find everything you need for your renovation at one of our bathroom showrooms or warehouses. Alternatively, you can browse our extensive product range online.

Highgrove Bathrooms strives to be at the forefront of bathroom design, innovation and technology. We do this by closely monitoring both local and international trends within the bathroom, design and renovation industry, to ensure we can source sustainable products, fittings and accessories to help our clients, create their dream bathrooms.

Our ability to offer quality products at affordable prices has made us a trusted choice Australia-wide.


There were many challenges that were highlighted to us to try and overcome. Firstly they had multiple providers with multiple billing platforms so the first challenge was to collate all of those bills onto one. Secondly they wanted a uniform phone system across all of their sites with the ability to communicate easily between stores. Finally they wanted a personlised service where they could call one person who could look after all of their requirements.


Cisco was the ideal solution for their hardware giving them the ability to have state of the art enterprise technology at a retail base. With Cisco they are easily able to contact the other branches at the press of a button. They also had a new 100/40 NBN connection set up at each store to ensure that their would be no issues with the phones or network. The service they required has been met in spades with two people in our business managing their needs on a daily basis and as a result they have been able to achieve everything they have needed. The biggest challenge was their billing but we were able to take their 11 different phone bills and collate it into one bill and then have that one bill set up with multiple cost centres to allow each of the individual stores pay their own bill where required.

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– One bill with multiple cost centres attached to the one bill allowing each of the franchised stores to pay their own bill

– Specialised account management – being such a large organization they have many varied requirements which to date, have all been met

– In House Communication is a simple task now

– Business Continuity through Cisco’s Hosted Platform

– A Five Star Google review

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