Should you use a domestic phone for your business?

Should you use a domestic phone for your business?

Whether or not you should use a domestic phone system for your company depends on the nature of your business. There are a number of aspects which will help you determine whether a domestic or business phone system is right for you. Here are some of the factors to consider.

The Cost of Setting up a Phone System

If you’re just starting up your business you may wish to save on costs by using a domestic phone system. Business phone system’s generally cost more; however, it’s what you’re getting for your money that sets them apart. Research the various features of business phone systems and consider whether they would be of benefit to you. Business phone systems, however, generally offer cheaper phone line packages. This may be more suitable in the long run if you are making and receiving a higher volume of calls.

The Purpose of Your Phone System

Connecting with your customers should be high on your list of priorities. You want to be accessible and a business phone system may be a preferred option as you can use multiple lines. Your domestic phone isn’t designed for high numbers of incoming and outgoing calls. You may need to make long distance phone calls which may lead you to internet based phone systems. If you plan on your business growing a domestic phone system won’t suffice. Assess your long term goals when deciding which phone system is right for your venture.

Equipment and Features Which May Benefit Your Business

Another factor when considering which phone system is most appropriate for your business is the equipment. A domestic phone system will have basic features including answer-machine, speaker and caller ID. However, a business phone system can incorporate call forwarding to you or your colleagues wherever you may be, able to handle high traffic and offer multiple lines. There are also VoIP options which are great for reducing costs, integrating email and increase mobility. You might need to purchase digital IP phones to take advantage of these benefits.

More than Just a Number

Providing your home phone number is simply not professional. You may wish to purchase a toll free number which are common to most Australian businesses. This helps boost your professional image. It can also help you appear larger and more established which might help get your start-up off the ground. Toll free number providers also provide a better service giving you and your customers crystal clear conversations. Toll free numbers are also free for your customers to dial which encourages customers to pick up the phone and contact you.


The level of service with business phone systems is more advanced than domestic options as you are paying more. If you have any issues in business you want these to be resolved as quickly as possible to prevent any disruptions.

Using a domestic phone system could work for you at first but isn’t able to grow with your business. Consider costs, the volume of calls, equipment and features, your professional image and the level of support you desire. These factors will help you decide whether or not you should use a domestic phone system for your business.

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