Why Buying a Phone System Online is Not Necessarily the Best Idea

Why Buying a Phone System Online is Not Necessarily the Best Idea

The online world has opened us up to a whole host of things good and bad. If you are savvy it can lead to you getting great deals buying products at cheap prices and leave you feeling smug about saving some cash. If you don’t do your homework, it may mean you get stuck with a heap of junk and your hard-earned cash gets left on the shelf

Buying a phone system online can be tough, with there being many things to consider. If you are starting up a new business you will want to keep costs low and may consider taking risks and buying a refurbished phone system. While keeping costs low is essential, cutting too many corners may lead to more expenses in the long run. Let’s take a look at why buying online may not be the best idea.

You Don’t Know Who You Are Buying From

Scrolling through adverts on second hand or refurbished phone system web sites, may give a shining write up of the phone system on offer. But how much do you know of this to be true? With thousands of people getting scammed every year buying on the internet, you need to make sure you check things out thoroughly especially when spending your hard-earned money.

Make sure you research the seller or company and only buy from someone who has stirling reviews. Check out their reputation, credentials and find out how they deal with problems like returns and malfunctions plus after sales support, is their support local or overseas? Are you simply buying someone else’s problems who have already upgraded to a new phone system?

Technical Support May Be Limited or Non-existent

Is the company you plan to buy from located overseas? What if your system fails and you need technical support, but the time difference means the company is offline? If the phone system you have bought online is second-hand or refurbished, you may not be eligible for any technical support at all.

The biggest cost to a company is their system failing, thus losing them money from reduced productivity of staff and irritated customers. Around the clock technical support is a must, to ensure you don’t lose out on business.

New Parts or Upgrades May Be Impossible to Source

When your business expands you are going to need more handsets to accommodate staff and the higher volume of calls. Buying re-furbished or from a seller overseas, may mean upgrades are not available leaving you having to source alternative handsets that may not be so compatible.

If your system has been dis-continued, finding new parts may be a pain or completely impossible. Make sure you talk about this with the vendor or research alternatives for yourself before committing to anything.

Warranties May Not Be Valid

If you bought your phone system from a seller overseas, the warranty may incur costs if you need repairs in a different country. Make sure your read through any small print and get confirmation from the seller. Companies may not even recognise the warranty if it was purchased from another continent, grey or brown imports can mean the warranty is void in Australia and only valid in the country of purchase or the country originally sold in.

Buying online can seem a great way to get a deal on a new or refurbished phone system, but it also comes with greater risks. Make sure you research the seller, consider your long-term requirements and seek advice before you make any decisions.

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