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The Choice Phone System For Small Businesses


You may be on the verge of setting up a commercial operation or perhaps you’re thinking of expanding your current business. Whatever your situation, you’re looking for the best telephone systems for small business that offer value for money while packing in the best and brightest that the latest technology can offer.

Try to delve into the multi-layered and complicated world of small business phone systems in Australia and you’ll soon find yourself floundering. What systems to choose? What brands to go with? What after-care support to rely on? Who can you trust to have your total interests at heart?

Nexgen is here to help

Business telephone systems specialist Nexgen Australia is your perfect business partner when it comes to providing expert advice, a cost-effective personalised solution and the very latest technology.

Nexgen understands that for the layperson to have to choose which small business phone system to go with can be a daunting affair. There’s so much to consider: on-site IP, cloud hosted IP, or hybrid VoIP or IP?  PABX, video conferencing, call management functionality, unified solutions…

Make your first call to Nexgen’s expert consultants and you will be assisted every step of way.

Best-in-class know-how

We’ve all come across the saying “Knowledge is power”. We’ve quickly realised that in all facets of life it’s always best go to the experts. In this increasingly competitive and crowded marketplace, it never pays to be a jack of all trades – you need to be master of one: which is give your business the best shot at hitting all of its targets.

Nexgen is a one-stop shop when it comes to small business telephone systems. Its many years of best-in-class experience and support in this sector qualify Nexgen to be the obvious choice in enabling you to obtain the right phone solution for your business needs. So why not use our expertise to leverage your aspirations?

Superior technology

Nexgen only offers the best in the latest technological advances – which means the most professional phone systems in the market.

This calculated approach ensures that your business systems will perform better, faster and with greater efficiency, which in turn leads to establishing an ideal platform for stimulating greater productivity.

Nexgen has phone systems for small business in Brisbane that will give you the best chance of thriving and surviving. How else do you prepare for growth but by using the best tools available?

Nexgen’s strategic partners

Nexgen believes that only the best brands work in the interests of its customers. This is why Nexgen has partnered with global powerhouses NEC and Panasonic when it comes to telephone systems and handsets.

Both of these technological colossuses have been around for some 100 years, and in that time have made many ground-breaking technological achievements, which have propelled them to the forefront of the public’s consciousness as paramount players on the phone systems stage.

As an awarded partner of NEC and Panasonic, Nexgen’s knowledge about telephone systems for small business is second to none.

Your key to greater visibility

The clutter of voices from your competitors can be deafening. So, when they’re all baying for the attention of customers, how do you stand out in all the hubbub?

Staying abreast of fast-moving times in the world of phone systems for small business in Sydney goes a crucial way to projecting your intentions, products and services on the big screen of ultimate success.

Nexgen goes to great lengths to understand your business needs. By doing so, Nexgen is able to provide a personalised whole-of-business communications solution.

Having the right communication and phone system:

  • Provides your customers with a seamless and professional customer experience.
  • Ensures your growing number of employees can operate and manage calls professionally both internally and externally.
  • Boosts sales efficiencies and capabilities.

Concurrently, you become able to reach crucial business decisions faster. Nexgen’s systems include built-in conference bridges that provide convenient options for meetings.

Lower costs

Nexgen offers powerful communications for a small business budget. Our telephone systems for small business in Brisbane lower your costs while at the same time increasing your business strengths. It’s a win-win solution all round.

Saving money and reducing call costs leads to improved profit margins and more finances to invest in keeping your customers satisfied, as well as motivating them to return to you for many more years to come.

Increased productivity

Nexgen phone systems offer simple, seamless and sophisticated functionality. This means that a small business phone system in Sydney is positioned on par with similar-related systems used by corporate behemoths, and in that regard offer a level playing field.

Obviously, while equipment is necessary for any business to run effectively, people will always form an intrinsic – and most important – part of the equation.

As we have pointed out, installing any small business telephone systems from Nexgen vastly improves your customer service capabilities. For example, there’s no such thing as a missed call. And being able to rely on the support of voicemail and call recording proficiencies makes the job of communicating with your clients that much easier.

Additionally, Nexgen systems offer features and applications that facilitate the management of teams – very importantly in tracking their call activities.

More shiny features

Nexgen’s technological armoury brings so much more to the table. It enables you to:

  • Enjoy office-level functionality at home.
  • Future-proof your business by ensuring that you’re NBN-ready.
  • Remain reachable on the road by carrying your office number with you using mobile extension.

Stay in touch

Out of reach is out of touch. At the end of the day, the last thing any business wants is not to be able to contact their customers – and, the wisest of the wise would argue, more importantly for them not to be able to contact you.

So, when you desire any phone systems for small business, be sure to call Nexgen. You’ll always be grateful that you did.

Free consultation and quote

Please feel free to contact our sales team on 13000 NEXGEN (63943) or email us at freeconsultation@nexgen.com.au for a free consultation and a no obligation quote.

NEC and Panasonic Telephone Systems & Handsets

Nexgen only partner with the best brands – as an awarded partner of both NEC and Panasonic our knowledge is second-to-none.  Here’s how your business can benefit:

  • Lower your costs – Powerful communications for a small business budget
  • Increase your productivity – Simple, seamless & sophisticated functionality
  • Ideal office from home – Office level functionality at home
  • Future-proof your business – Ensure you’re NBN-ready
  • Improved customer service – No missed calls, voicemail, call recording
  • Track your team’s call activity – System features and applications to make management easier
  • Remain reachable on the road – Carry your office number with you using Mobile Extension
  • Reach crucial business decisions faster – Built-in conference bridge provides convenient options for meetings

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