The Customer

The boutique firm Lloyd Hart Lawyers focuses on the entertainment and media industry and has practice areas covering commercial, intellectual property, entertainment and technology law. In addition to advising and representing a number of Australian producers, writers, directors and actors, this Sydney-based partnership also acts for Film Finances Inc. – one of the world’s leading Completion Guarantors for documentaries, television series and feature films.

The Solution

In looking at the options, Sercombe said, “In contrast to the complex solution offered by one of the large telecommunications carriers, Nexgen’s all-in-one NEC package was simplicity itself.”
The alternate carrier had proposed putting three of LHL’s six phone lines on a standard package and then having the others dedicated to international calls and conferencing – on a much more expensive rate. Additional to the cost issue, this scenario also meant that everyone in the firm would have to be aware of the functions allocated to each line – hit line 5 to make a conference call or line 6 if calling Los Angeles.
“The lawyers have more important things on their minds than having to remember which line to use for what activity,” Sercombe said.
The NEC-based solution put forward by Nexgen “was exactly what LHL was looking for, and the conferencing facility was the clincher,” Sercombe said.
With full IP capability, the NEC SL1100 converges data, multimedia and voice communications over a single cable network. LHL has six linked handsets with clearly displayed automatic call feature options.
Sercombe complimented Nexgen’s implementation, “They were really good people to deal with. It was a very clean transition. They kept us informed about how and when everything was happening.”H2

The Results

“We love the simplicity. Now we just dial and let the system work out where the traffic goes. And the conference call quality is excellent,” Sercombe said.
One “unexpected delight” according to Sercombe is that the IP-based system allows her to go online to make changes such as updating contact lists. It’s no longer the laborious job of hitting *# 73 on the old style phone keypads to put in a speed dial.
“It’s brilliant. With our complete, updated contact list, when someone calls in, I can see who it is before I answer. I can personalise how I respond to the call, and it lets me pre-empt client queries.”
With the new transfer function, Sercombe says, “a client call can be popped through to someone working from home as though they’re in the office down the corridor.”
And the all-in-one line and equipment plan meant there was no upfront cost or hit to LHL’s cash flow. Sercombe also expects to reduce the firm’s ongoing telecommunications costs “by at least 10 percent.”
When asked if there had been any feedback from the firm’s lawyers, Sercombe said she’s heard no comments and nor had anyone asked her how to do anything within the new system. “That has to be the best feedback! We wanted it to just work, and it has.”