Why Your Business Needs Cloud Calling

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Empowering Remote Employees with Emerging Technologies

Work environments are rapidly changing as workplaces strive for increased productivity and flexibility for their employees. Today, modern working environments have changed significantly with a shift towards more virtual collaborations, mobile-enabled communications, and application integrations, enabling people to stay connected regardless of their location.

Businesses must be able to adapt and provide solutions, allowing workers to stay engaged, even when they’re not present at the office. As such, people need to have access to the same business tools they would have at their workplace. This blog will delve into some emerging technologies that you should consider to futureproof your business’ operations, in today’s remote work world.

Seamless Communication and Unbeatable Value

Webex Calling is a software app which combines an array of enterprise-level calling features such as virtual meeting technology, and messaging, in one seamless platform. Webex provides high-quality functionality, control, and security measures, all in which businesses demand in today’s fast-paced environment. The best part of Webex Calling is that it supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid setups – so you can remain connected wherever you are. Webex utilises a centralised management portal, more commonly known as the ‘Control Hub’. IT administrators are able to provision, onboard, and manage accounts, all with ease; in doing so, this ensures a seamless collaboration experience between users. Renowned for its enterprise-grade quality, security, and reliability, Webex is fast becoming one of the optimal choices as a complete collaboration solution delivering unbeatable value.

Empowering Businesses with Scalable Efficiency

Webex Calling is evidently more than just a cloud business phone system, it’s a solution which is efficient and can be scaled. With advanced integration capabilities, redundant routes to on-premises PBXs and premises-based PSTNs, Webex offers a level of load balancing and resiliency that businesses can heavily rely on.

One of the main benefits of utilising this new technology is that businesses are able to remain using their current on-premises PBXs before migrating to their new cloud phone system over time. What makes Webex Calling truly unique is its ability to push the envelope on collaboration efforts between on-premises and cloud-based users.

With high-quality performance and advanced call routing features, Webex Calling ensures that communication is seamless and reliable.

Streamlining Business Operations with Webex Control Hub

Webex is a powerful tool for businesses which offers a unified administration experience through its own integrated Control Hub. Webex allows IT admins an overarching view of the organisation’s Webex services. With the ability to provision, manage services, and even user accounts, it empowers IT admins to easily keep track of everything.

Additionally, analytics and performance metrics are available for individual user calls. Having this data provides admins with insights to monitor various trends within the organisation to then further improve performance.

Control Hub allows IT administrators to manage a diversely-distributed workforce, ensuring people have access to their organisations network, regardless of their physical location.

Overall, Webex offers an efficient and streamlined experience helping businesses maintain their productivity levels by enabling both internal and remote workers to remain connected.

Unleashing The Power of Webex Video and Audio Devices

Webex provides both audio and video capabilities, creating the ultimate collaboration tool for users. With built-in proximity sensors, Webex ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to control and connect your desk phone or room system easily through the unified Webex app. Using shared phone lines, calls can be easily moved between devices with ease.

With an ever-growing catalogue of integrations and apps, these third party tools can be connected with the Webex App, Webex Meetings, and Webex Calling. As an open platform, people can design their own or use pre-existing integrations to ensure seamless collaboration.

Webex Calling’s Flexible Path for Smooth Transition

Using a cloud-calling setup compared to an on-premises solution can be intimidating, even at the best of times. Webex Calling, offers a flexible, easy to use migration system making it easy for organisations to implement. This allows organisations to integrate cloud-based services into their existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime or disruption of service.

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