Why Webex Is The Most Powerful Collaboration Platform On The Market

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Streamlining Collaboration

Overly complicated collaboration technologies can be a daunting task for any organisation, but Webex is here to provide innovative solutions needed to meet today’s communication challenges. With an intuitive all-in-one communications solution and unified experience across devices, Webex not only makes collaborating with colleagues simpler than ever before but also offers unparalleled support from Nexgen, your trusted service provider.

The Smart Choice for Business Collaboration

Whether you’re looking to scale your business’ ways of communication from your existing system or are wanting to get started with a new platform altogether, Webex has features that set it apart from other competitors in the space. In this blog post, we’ll delve into why Webex is the perfect collaboration solution for your organisation.

Effortless Call Management Made Simple

Webex Calling enables organisations to better manage their calls with its comprehensive suite of features. Sequential Ring, hold or transfer, call merging, and various customisation features through the Webex App are just a few of the ways you can intuitively improve the ways in which you communicate.

Stay Connected and in Control with Webex Calling

Dynamic calling options such as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Sequential Ring to ensure you’re always connected. When you need to focus, the ‘do not disturb’ mode blocks all incoming calls and, with the ability to reject no-caller IDs, you’ll only receive calls from relevant numbers.

Enhance Business Collaboration with Webex Messaging

Webex’s messaging capabilities are designed for seamless business collaboration. Implementing bots and add-ons, make it easy to handle administrative needs like controlling permissions in spaces transparently. File sharing and messaging can occur both online and offline within searchable spaces, allowing you to remain in the loop with everything you need to know from your organisation.

Unlocking Next-Level Collaboration

Webex utilises innovative features such as a meeting assistant that recognises voice commands and participant gestures, Sildo for real-time Q&A’s, and other productivity implementations, designed to enhance the end user collaboration experience. Additionally, Webex integrates with other Cisco video devices, offering access to a range of accessibility tools and sharing capabilities, all within a single unified platform.

As one of many industry leaders, Webex offers high-quality end-to-end encryption as well as advanced AI tools for speech and image recognition.

Another added benefit is translation functionality, ensuring a comprehensive and secure collaboration experience no matter where you or your team are.

Crystal Clear Communication

Cisco makes use of new AI noise removal technology to enhance the speech quality of a call, regardless of the device being used or incoming surrounding noise. Webex provides purpose-built devices with integrated sound and acoustics management, with a strong emphasis on non-verbal communication and more on people-centric collaboration. Webex can be used in conjunction with Zoom and Teams for more collaboration opportunities.

Simplify Collaboration and Communication

Doubling as a flexible and reliable cloud-based phone system, Webex offers a comprehensive meeting and messaging solution for end users. Customers can mix and match packages based on their own personal preferences, with all the tools needed to collaborate in a simple per-month-per-user pricing scheme.

Secure Collaboration

Webex uses a trusted private security firm to ensure security for its users. In doing so, customers can experience genuine end-to-end encryption to safeguard all communication efforts which encompasses text messages and meetings. With Cisco as the network owner, collaboration products are well-integrated from edge to core to provider, ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Webex offers a complete collaboration solution that integrates easily with various audio and video devices. As the only vendor providing complete end-to-end encryption, Webex sets the standard for secure collaboration.

Unlock Collaboration Potential with Webex

With its suite of comprehensive tools and features, Webex empowers collaboration between employees and clients regardless of location, fostering streamlined communication, improved efficiency, and driving growth, all in a single platform.

Offering self-paced training modules, it gives a competitive advantage of enabling employees to learn complex skills at their own pace, catering to individual learning styles.

Make the transition to Webex easier with Nexgen. Our professionals are here to assist you in crafting customised solutions tailored to your individual business needs as well as providing localised support.

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