What is Call Waiting?

What is Call Waiting?

hassan ouajbir IYU YmMRm7s unsplash 1140x760 1To say call waiting is the biggest benefit of modern digital telephony is an understatement. But what is call waiting? In this guide, we go into more detail and explain how it works, turn on call waiting and turn call waiting off.

What Does Call Waiting Mean?

Call waiting is a popular phone feature that first took hold in the 1970s. When it initially surfaced, it was available only on phones with several lines. Flash forward to now, and you are hard-pressed to find a phone that does not offer this handy feature. Call waiting is available on iPhone, landlines, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

Businesses especially benefit from the ability to turn on call waiting on their office phones. It is a must-have feature for conducting day-to-day operations. Here are just some of the benefits of using call waiting for your business:

  • Instant notification: Expecting an important call from a client before you can complete a project or fill a service request? Staying off the phone all day whilst waiting is not practical. Not only would it eat into your productivity, but it also would eventually affect your bottom line. Call waiting allows you to keep conducting business on the phone without the fear of missing critical communication.
  • Options: Using call waiting provides choices in how to handle your phone communications. When you hear the tell-tale indication of an incoming call whilst you are already on the line, you have several options. You can put your current caller on hold and answer the incoming call, or you can allow the second caller to go into your voicemail.
  • Flexibility: Just like other features, call waiting provides flexibility in how you handle your calls. Take calls when convenient to do so or put callers on hold whilst answering an incoming call or arranging for a conference call.

How does call waiting work?

Call waiting is easy and convenient to use. When you are on a call, and another caller is trying to get through, you will hear a notification sound. Once you hear that sound, you have several options on how to respond: call waiting

  • You can allow the incoming call to go directly into voicemail and return the call later.
  • You can end your current call to answer the incoming call.
  • You can place your current caller on hold to answer the incoming call, then return to your original caller when finished.

Using the call-waiting feature allows you to go back and forth between two calls seamlessly and as many times as necessary. Neither inbound caller can hear the other conversation, so confidentiality is ensured when using call waiting.

Call waiting only works for two inbound callers at the same time. If a third person calls whilst call waiting is actively in use, they will either hear a busy signal or be sent directly into your voicemail, depending on the options you have selected for your telephone service.

How to Turn On Call Waiting

Our office phone systems include the ability to control whether your call waiting feature is on or off. So how do you turn on call waiting? Truth be told, enabling call waiting is slightly different on each phone model but takes just a few steps to complete.

Our technicians can walk you through the process of activating your call waiting for the feature during setup. You can then easily navigate between turning it on and off, depending on your preferences.

How to Turn Call Waiting Off Permanently

If you’ve ever wondered how to turn off call waiting, then this functionality is available too.

Our phone systems allow you to turn call waiting off permanently as well, if desired. Some users prefer not to be disturbed by the notification sound of other callers attempting to get through whilst they are handling an important phone call.

They may find it distracting.

Also, when the notification for a caller waiting occurs, it can temporarily mute the sound on your current conversation. Our phone technicians can instruct you on how to turn off call waiting to your advantage.

Superior Phone System Solutions

Nexgen’s phone specialists can assist in finding the perfect phone system solutions to meet your needs. From call waiting to call translation, our systems offer the best options. Have questions about choosing the best phone system solutions to meet your needs? Contact us today on 1300 020 402 to register for a free consultation, and check out our office phone systems page to explore your options.

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