Top corporate phone systems used by industry leaders

Top corporate phone systems used by industry leaders

Top corporate phone systems used by industry leaders

Effective business communication is essential for the success of any business. And your corporate phone system is critical to this.

With cloud technology playing an increasingly larger role for businesses of all kinds, many industries are making the switch to cloud based office phone systems, and as a result achieving accelerated growth.

The manufacturing industry in particular, is starting to realise the power of the cloud and leveraging the technology to streamline their operations, enhance productivity and drive significant business growth.

Manufacturing in the cloud

Compared to other industries, the manufacturing industry in general has been slow to adopt cloud technology into their corporate phone systems and business processes, but this trend is taking a turn and proving to be a game changer for those who embrace it.

There are a number of factors disrupting the manufacturing industry that is driving the adoption of cloud based office phone systems, as an essential business communications tool. These include digital transformation, improving supply chains, enhancing customer experience, acquisitions, cash flow, security and a skills gap.

And the benefits are resounding. Here are some reasons why cloud is making a positive impact on the manufacturing industry.

Cloud systems enable rapid growth

Cloud based office phone systems make it considerably less expensive and time consuming to grow your business, whether it’s as simple as connecting new employees or setting up infrastructure in a new location. Companies going through mergers in particular, have the huge task of integrating IT infrastructure, all of which can be made easier if you switch to the cloud.

Scaling up your operations in the cloud means minimal investment at your end to deploy over an on premise solution. Traditional phone systems require significant capital investment upfront. Moving your phone system to the cloud, is easier and more budget friendly. Deployment is faster and there is less downtime during the installation and rollout. Plus, you don’t need to worry about having an inhouse IT team to manage or maintain your system, as your hosted service provider is responsible for looking after all of this for you.

Operate more efficiently in the cloud

Unlike traditional corporate phone systems, cloud based phone systems dramatically improve collaboration internally between departments and externally with customers, suppliers and distributors. Equipped with unified communication capabilities, teams can easily share information and have access to it in real time, all which improves business efficiencies.

Consumer demands and increased competition is something manufacturing industries are always faced with, and by moving to the cloud they are producing better results. Especially in the product development space where much collaboration is required. A cloud based system enables effective communication between the teams working together to bring a new product to market.

Engineering and inspection departments are important in the delivery of an end product for the manufacturing industry. The move to a cloud based system, means something as simple as sharing and accessing files or documents with ease, irrespective of time or location is possible.

In addition, manufacturing companies are improving their business processes through the automation of various tasks in the cloud, where previously they were manual and labour intensive.

Get the competitive advantage in the cloud

With improved visibility and collaboration, you can make better and faster decisions in the cloud. From product development, manufacturing of products and supply chain management, there are many benefits to be realised across the value chain, giving you the upper hand over your competitors who are still running  traditional corporate phone systems.

Enhancing the customer experience

Customer experience is a key factor in a manufacturing company’s growth. Cloud based phone systems are improving the level of engagement with customers, providing them with real time information via integrated CRMs, for example. Customers can be presented with a more unified view and receive a better customer experience all round.

For manufacturers, being able to engage with suppliers or vendors anytime, anywhere is an advantage, and cloud systems enable this. Need to inform a supplier about stock levels for a particular product? With immediate access to inventory management software via the cloud, they can inform them about this and other things like their order status and deliveries straight away with no delay.

Cost savings

With a Cloud phone system, you forgo the need to have on premises resources and equipment. The cost to supply and maintain these adds to the overall operational cost for a manufacturing business, which then is passed on to the cost of the end product. Having all your business communications in the cloud negates this, and limits the need to invest in IT professionals to manage or maintain any hardware, as your hosted service provider is responsible for this.

The cloud provides a safety net from disaster

What happens to your data if disaster strikes? Having your systems stored and housed on premise can be risky but hosting your business communications in the cloud ensures your data won’t be lost, should the unexpected occur. Service providers backup and store your data in multiple geographical locations. And should a power failure occur and connection is lost, you won’t drop off, as cloud based systems have phone redundancy which automatically kicks in to ensure you remain connected.

Cloud technology is helping the manufacturing industry to transform their supply chain, improve design and production processes, enhance the customer experience, drive innovation, lower IT costs and above all, accelerate their growth to give them a competitive advantage.

Manufacturers who embrace a cloud phone system early, will stay ahead of the curve and seize new opportunities to further enable growth, profitability and fortify their customer relationships

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