Here’s Why the NBN is good for Business

Here’s Why the NBN is good for Business

The National Broadband Network (nbn™) is being rolled out across Australia to give businesses and households access to high-speed internet, a reliable business phone system, the ability to utilise cloud services, and more. Plus, even though it’s probably no more expensive than your current internet package (depending on the service you require), it delivers an array of business benefits that you might not currently be able to exploit.

The nbn™ can improve productivity, lower your operating costs, enhance your IT infrastructure significantly, and break down geographical constraints. However, despite already being widely available in our major cities, up to 50% of small businesses still haven’t made the switch.

The truth is, the success of any business is increasingly becoming dependent on the reliability of its internet connection and ability to access data quickly, yet many companies still contend with weak connections and store data on on-site servers. If you want to prepare your company for a future in which digital marketing and online e-commerce dominate, now’s the time to switch to cloud computing by embracing the nbn™.

Below, we take a look at how the nbn™ could benefit your small to medium-sized business. If you remain unconvinced of the power of cloud computing at this point, we’re confident that the statistics and information detailed below will change your mind.

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How the nbn™ Can Help Your Business

According to recent studies, 32% of small to medium-sized companies in Australia are investing in digital office technology, and 18% are investing in cloud-based solutions – but why? The following information explains why you should pay attention to the nbn™ and its associated services sooner rather than later.

The Freedom of the Digital Workspace

In the not so distant past, we stored crucial data, such as customer contact details and purchase histories, on CDs and USB drives, but cloud storage has rendered both of those data storage methods obsolete. Thanks to cloud computing, you can access business data, apps, servers and software using any device with an internet connection regardless of your location.

The nbn™ gives businesses access to a reliable, high-speed broadband connection without having to store and maintain onsite servers. Because your data and office applications are stored on remote servers, you can access company information from any device with an internet connection.

Cloud computing also relieves some of the stress associated with business growth. As you add more employees to your team and require more storage space and a faster internet connection, you can simply buy more data space as part of your internet package rather than upgrade and maintain on-site hardware, potentially saving you thousands of dollars. Regardless of your industry or the size of your company, cloud computing is an affordable and effective way to streamline your operations. In fact, 15% of businesses reported reduced operating costs after switching to the cloud.

Improve Performance and Productivity

Nowadays, many businesses from all over the world depend on a fast internet connection to get things done quickly. Weak or jumpy connections can cause downtime, prevent people from being able to access data and ultimately cost your business precious working hours and cash, but the nbn™ reduces the frequency of such issues significantly.

In addition to adding new meaning to the word reliable, the nbn™ opens up new opportunities for companies willing to jump on them, from being able to foster smarter operating processes to embracing new platforms and channels to promote your services.

Some businesses that are still subscribed to slow and unreliable internet packages may steer clear of cloud-based applications fearing they’ll suddenly lose their connection and their data. However, if you know that your broadband connection won’t let you down, you can streamline your company by utilising applications such as QuickBooks, Salesforce and Mixpanel, all of which can improve your bottom line by enhancing communication, the flow of information and ability to reach out to customers.

To put the benefits above into perspective, here are a few findings from a recent survey of businesses that have recently switched to cloud computing:

  • 41% reported a boost in productivity
  • 5% reported an increase in revenue
  • 19% said their website activity had increased
  • 73% reported a rise in their use of social media

Thanks to high-speed broadband, you can simplify or automate countless everyday tasks, improve your bottom line by being able to utilise a range of marketing platforms, and reach out to both potential employees and customers in faraway locations, which neatly brings us to our next benefit.

Empowering Remote Workers

More and more businesses are realising the potential advantages of hiring remote workers, which range from reducing the costs associated with running an office to giving employees the benefit of being able to work from home on a flexible timetable. Thanks to the reliable and high-speed internet connections the nbn™ brings, you can communicate, file share and collaborate on projects in real-time, often without having to spend a cent.

VoIP Changing the Way Your Business Communicates

Geographical constraints are no longer a problem for companies that have embraced the nbn™ and cloud computing. They can widen their candidate pool and attract the brightest minds into their employment regardless of their location, and there are virtually no limits regarding who they can market their services to.

According to the recent study of businesses who’ve migrated to cloud computing:

  • 22% are utilising file-sharing technology
  • 19% are utilising high-speed broadband for video and teleconferencing
  • 19% are taking advantage of remote working using the nbn™ network

Even the smallest companies can utilise the nbn™ to expand their operations and increase profits exponentially. In fact, a study by the University of Melbourne concluded that small businesses that switch to the nbn™ following the completion of the rollout will add $4 billion to Australia’s GDP annually.

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