Grants Deep Dive - Everything You Need To Know About GP Grants

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Empowering Healthcare: An Inside Look at the Australian Government’s $227m Investment

The Australian Government has put a strong emphasis on ensuring that the well-being of Australians are attended to as a top priority. With this in mind, they are injecting $227m AUD into Medicare general practices as well as Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.

This initiative will give greater access to quality healthcare services with grants ranging from $25k-$50k. Depending on the type of practice and its size, it will allow for healthcare facilities to make much-needed improvements to their operations. Additionally, doctors will be able to ensure that their patients receive quality care in a safe environment, with improved accessibility. Read to learn more about how the GP Grants program is strengthening Medicare for Australians.

Fast-Track to Better Health: Navigating the Online Grant Application

All General Practitioners (GPs) and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHS) have received instructions on how to apply for the grant via email from their Primary Health Network (PHN). The application process is completed online using an invite-only link provided by the PHN. Applicants can expect a 2 week waiting period regarding the processing of their application.

Seize the Opportunity: Key Details and Deadlines

Grants are awarded at a fixed rate of $25k, $35k, and $50k depending on the type of practice and size. To apply for the grant, applicants will only need to provide the practice details and select the stream which applies to them.

Deadlines for applications closes on the 15th June 2023 with projects needing to be completed by 30th June 2024.

Eligible Expenditures for Digital Health Capability Enhancements

The main objective of this initiative is to enhance the connectivity within the healthcare system, paving the way for more contemporary digital health solutions. Video telehealth, secure data storage, and interoperable software are just a few of the solutions that are being implemented to support the seamless communication of patient data within the healthcare system.

To achieve this objective, there are a few eligible expenses that need to be considered. Those of which include:

Hardware, such as new IT equipment (computers, digital portable devices, etc.), and video conferencing equipment for video telehealth services.

Software, such as video conferencing software, cloud-based practice management platforms, and medication management software. Additional costs for subscriptions for online booking systems, secure messaging services, and data backup services are also applicable.

Improving internet connectivity, through the purchase of infrastructure or hardware for high-speed internet.

By upskilling staff with digital literacy training, we can ensure that an improvement is made to digital/cyber security capabilities and arrangements.

Essential Guide: Preparing Your Application

To successfully apply for the grant program, individuals must provide the following details of their practice:

  • Contact information (name, address, email, phone, fax if applicable)
  • Legal entity type (such as individual, incorporated association, company, or partnership)
  • Full legal name of the practice
  • Current accreditation status (whether unaccredited, registered for accreditation, or accredited)
  • Trading or business name of the practice
  • Practice’s bank account details
  • Australian business number
  • Details of an authorised contact person for the grants program (known as the “grantee’s representative”)
  • Australian company number (if applicable)
  • Selection of one or more investment streams (via checkbox only; no further details necessary)
  • GST registration details (if applicable)
  • Preferred timing for payment of the grant amount (in either the 2022-23 or 2023-24 financial year)

Boosting Healthcare Excellence

Medicare is a crucial component of Australia’s healthcare system; this initiative aims to continue to strengthen our healthcare to be more robust and resilient. By investing in GP and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services through the Strengthening Medicare – GP Grants program, the Australian Government ensures that key practices will have the resources needed to deliver high-quality services that will benefit Australians now and for years to come.

Maximising Grant Benefits with Nexgen

With applications closing soon, it’s critical that GPs and ACCHS should apply before time runs out at the end of June – Nexgen is here to ensure you have all the tools required to take full advantage of these grants. With cutting-edge, reliable technology solutions that help you communicate with your patients without them having to physically visit your practice, Nexgen is empowering GPs and ACCHS with everything they need to make the most of the program. Contact us at Nexgen today to ensure your organisation makes the most of this unique and valuable opportunity!

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