Should You Get a Cloud Based Phone System?

Should You Get a Cloud Based Phone System?

When businesses are just starting out, they have few customers and limited operations. As a result, they don’t need to make many phone calls. However, as the business expands and adds new employees, it may need new phone capabilities. In some instances, it may be difficult to host all business phone systems within the company’s premises.

That is why some companies have decided to abandon traditional telephone systems and adopt cloud-based phone systems. But should your business take the same route? This article explains the rising popularity of cloud-based phone systems for small businesses.


One major benefit of cloud-based systems is that you don’t have to pay for things that you don’t need. Most online subscriptions are scalable and can be adjusted depending on your requirements. This means if your telephone needs for this month are greater, you will subscribe for more telephone services.

Such a system solves many common business problems. For instance, if your telephone needs reduce, you may be left with an overstaffed IT department. Similarly, you may have many phone lines that are not bringing any immediate benefit to your business. That is why moving some of your services to the cloud can be a smart move.

Better Customer Engagement

The cloud-based phone system also supplements your customer service. Since customer service is a key component of your business’s operations, faster working telephone services can improve your business’s ability to attract new customers. For instance, you can use cloud-based phone systems to send reminders to your customers. With a cloud-based system, you also have the ability to integrate it with your customer relationship management system.

Additionally, it’s possible to use cloud-based phone systems to identify trends and patterns among your customers. If you have a strong data analytics program, you can use this data to find bottlenecks in your customer delivery systems. For instance, an intelligent analytics system can identify the time of the day when customers make most of their calls. This means you can dedicate more salespeople to the telephone unit during that time of the day. Ultimately, you will be able to provide an edge over your customers.

Rich Features

You will have access to a wide variety of features if you decide to start using cloud-based phone systems. For instance, you should be ready to receive automatic updates, advanced email features, and secure voicemail capabilities. At the same time, some cloud-based systems come with advanced telephone features such as traffic shaping and bandwidth preservation. All these features work together to improve the reliability and quality of calls. You may also subscribe to a private network to monitor your traffic and keep hackers at bay.

Cloud based Phone Systems Are Cheaper

Another major benefit of cloud-based phone systems is that you will spend less money to run your telephone unit. Since you don’t have to pay any upfront costs or install expensive equipment, your overall expenditure will be lower. There will also be no monthly recurring expenses except the monthly subscription charges. You will only have to pay for the cloud hosting and the bandwidth you consume. Similarly, your business will benefit from regular upgrades at a low or no cost. 


When you have a cloud-based phone system in Australia, you empower your employees to work from any location. It is no longer necessary for any employee to be at the front desk to receive calls from customers. All they will need is a secure and stable internet connection to serve customers and fellow employees without being physically within your company.

This will reduce the overall operational cost and ensure that your business can adopt a 24-hour working model. It also means you can have employees from several regions.

Getting Started

Cloud-based systems have many advantages, but you will need a reliable partner to guide you. At Nexgen, we help businesses to establish functional business phone systems. Our systems are reliable, affordable, and durable. You can contact us for more information.



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