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In the workplace, collaborating efficiently can often be a challenging task. While this may be the case, Webex Calling has simplified the process providing a unified experience for all your collaboration needs. Whether you need to call, message, or set up a meeting, the Webex App enables you to do so with an easy-to-use interface. Companies often use multiple applications to conduct their work. Throwing another platform into the mix and having to juggle several at one time can be troublesome, especially when you’re trying to improve and communicate effectively. With Webex Calling, everything is in one place, making collaboration effortless.

Calling Revolutionised

Calling has undergone revolutionary changes, forever transforming the way we communicate to be much more interactive. With the introduction of video calls, virtual meetings, and a variety of other advanced features, users are able to conduct business and personal calls in more ways than one. Additionally, the introduction of the Webex App has made it effortless to switch between devices, and share files – all within the same platform. Communicating and engaging with colleagues and clients anywhere in the world has never been easier.

Calling Your Way

Webex Calling provides a suite of useful call management tools to optimise your workflow. The platform offers a combination of simplified and advanced features such as hold and transfer, merging calls, and Sequential ring. These are just a few of the many features that Webex is renowned for. Customisation is another standout feature of Webex’s tools being able to customise your call settings intuitively through the Webex App. Whether you need to work remotely, collaborate with a team, or need to stay connected, Webex Calling is the perfect solution to aid you in all your communication needs.

The Same Seamless Experience From Any Device

In today’s modern society, it’s essential to have access to your work and communication on the go from anywhere at any time. With Webex, you’re able to switch between a multitude of devices without the hassle or interruption of service. Installing the Webex App is a straightforward process, you can easily install it on all your devices and use it without any frustration or technical issues. All the data is stored in the cloud, ensuring your data and content are easily accessible when you need it.

Webex’s Wide Range Of Features

It’s no secret that Webex has a range of incredible capabilities. The Webex App is a powerful tool for companies wanting to capitalise on advanced features that can be sometimes overlooked. For example, organisations can make use of call and meeting history, which evidently tracks your activities over the last 30 days including the calls that have been made or received as well as meetings that you attended.

Reject incoming calls from no-caller IDs before they even ring.

Calls are now easier to manage than ever before. Webex offers dynamic calling options such as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting and Sequential Ring ensuring you’re easily connected. Interruptions can be disruptive, that’s why Webex’s ‘do not disturb’ mode can block all incoming calls. Not to mention, you’re able to reject no-caller IDs ensuring you only take calls from trusted numbers. Whatever your organisation’s needs may be, you can tailor your call experience like a professional.

Leveraging Webex With Nexgen

Nexgen is the perfect solution for all of your business communication solutions. Our quality service and support stand out among other competitors. We offer solutions such as 24/7 local support, seamless installation, and high-quality phone systems tailored to your exact needs. With Nexgen’s experience in using Webex, you can trust that you will be getting the most beneficial solution for your SME. We understand that businesses face many different challenges and know the importance of staying connected which is why Nexgen remains to be the go-to provider when it comes to finding reliable and cost-effective solutions including leveraging Webex. So don’t wait any longer to find the perfect solution for your business communications – contact us today!

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