A Better Way to Collaborate with Webex Calling

A Better Way to Collaborate with Webex Calling

A Better Way to Collaborate with Webex Calling

Webex Calling is an intuitive business phone system powered by the cloud, making it easy for small and large companies to connect with colleagues from anywhere and anytime. Webex has a range of powerful features such as scalability, advanced integration capabilities and trusted reliability being enabled through the cloud.

Companies can take advantage of Webex Calling’s global reach without investing in costly on-premise infrastructure. Total flexibility is achieved through Webex’s calling features benefiting businesses of any size with an improved audio and video experience.

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Benefits of Webex Calling

Webex Calling is a cloud phone system that provides companies with an integrated, performance-based solution for all their collaborative needs.

There are a range of key benefits such as integrated collaborative tools, built-in security, and high quality audio and video conferencing capabilities. All of these features make Webex Calling an appealing choice for organisations looking to enhance their communication channels.

Additionally, the single architecture allows flexibility in deployment models and provides users with a global dial plan. Equipped with centralised management and routing services help ensure reliable call quality while giving a unified user experience.

Personalise Your Webex Calling Features

If you’re a frequent user of Webex Calling, you may want to know that there are features you can personalise to make your experience even better. Did you know that you have the option to use alternative devices to make and receive calls? This means you can avoid using your main phone and switch to another device if you’re wanting to improve your workflow.

We’ve all experienced incoming calls from unknown numbers. An exceptional feature of Webex enables you to reject incoming calls from blocked caller IDs with the anonymous call rejection feature, allowing users to only take calls from trusted numbers, ultimately reducing the amount of redundant calls you receive throughout the day.

For those that are consistently taking the advantage of Webex’s audio and video conferencing capabilities, the call and meeting history can help you keep track of your calls and meetings over the last 30 days. This feature, alongside ‘do not disturb’ mode, sequential ring, and single number reach are just a few of the reasons why organisations are choosing Webex for all their communication needs.

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