Internet and NBN

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Your monthly data usage is for the calendar month, so it will reset for you automatically on the 1st of each month

Depending on the internet connection you have with us, speeds can differ.

For NBN Connections, there are 3 speed tiers available:

  • Up to 25/5
  • Up to 50/20
  • Up to 100/40

A lot of business’s are moving their programs to the cloud and so the need for faster internet speeds are becoming increasingly common.

Your current internet can be affected with this transition to the Cloud. Speak to our team to look at internet upgrade options in your area.

Simply go to MY ACCOUNT and you will be able to view your current usage for the month (up to date as of 48hours prior).

To upgrade your existing internet plan, an increase in plan fee will apply. Any applicable plan discounts will remain the same.

All plan upgrades, once accepted, will only take effect as of the next calendar month, and not the current month in which the request was made.

Nexgen can assist with transitioning your business to the NBN.

Once NBN is available at your site, Nexgen will facilitate the move to a new NBN connection and your Voice services.

Email our experts at to confirm when NBN is ready to order at your address.

Follow the link to check when the NBN will be able at your address:

NBN Rollout Map

Nexgen automatically sends out notifications when your internet usage has reached 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% or more.

These notifications are sent to the same email address your invoices are sent to.

As your service provider, Nexgen will contact you directly to advise that we have received notice of your Copper Disconnection date.

If NBN does however contact you directly, speak with our team to assist with the transition to the NBN.

Have additional questions? - We’re always here to help!