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On arrival the telephone technician will scope your site and complete a line audit and data collection. Our technicians will engage you regarding the setup of the phone system to ensure it is all programmed to your requirements.

  • How would you like the phones to ring?
  • What are the names of all the people using the phones?
  • Do you require to divert your phone numbers after hours?
  • Do you require a night voicemail (night switch)?
  • Are we providing you with a professional recorded messages and music on hold? It’s ideal to have these recordings ready for the installation date.
  • Do you require an Auto Attendant menu?

There might be additional questions asked on the day depending on the nature of the business; the solution sold; and what you are hoping to achieve from your newly installed Phone System.

The technician will then program the phone system based on the information and details received.

At this stage we will connect the phone system to your existing communications cabinet or into your existing communications room. Our technicians will connect the handsets to existing cabling on site also.

The technicians will then advise you when the system is ready to be cut over; this means the stage where you will be able to start using your new phone system.

We will also connect your phone system to your network to allow us the ability to remotely access the phone system and assist with any changes or additional programming requirements in the future. You might need to get your IT consultant involved at this stage to give our technician access to the router.

Once the technician is ready to cutover the services from the old system to the new, they will need to move the services across. This in turn may result in minimal downtime which our technicians will manage with you.

On the day of installation, all available staff will be trained on how to use and operate the phone system. This will cover all the features that you will be using as well as the handset functionality. One week following your installation, you will receive a phone call from one of our professional trainers to undergo a more in-depth training session. This will be coordinated with you directly for a time that suits you.

Have additional questions? - We’re always here to help!