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Your previous and current invoices can be viewed at any time via our MY ACCOUNT TOOL.

Click on: MY Account on our home page in the top right hand corner

Login: This is your account number

Password: You can obtain this from our team – Call Nexgen on 1300 02 04 02. It is also provided to you monthly in an email when your phone account is issued.

We will email your monthly phone account on or around the 7th of every month to the email address we have been provided.

Internet services will need to be cancelled with your old provider, once your new connection with Nexgen has been completed, and your network on site has been switched over.

Voice lines will be transferred across to Nexgen in accordance with your Application for Telephone Services. Any services which you do not wish to transfer across will need to be disconnected with your old provider.

Its best you discuss this with our provisioning team and they can be contacted on 1300 02 04 02.

When transferring your services over to another carrier, there are pro-rated line rental charges.

On your first invoice, you might see two (2) charges for these line rental fees; one from the date your service was transferred across to Nexgen through to the end of the same month, and another for the next month in advance.

All phone bills thereafter will only have one charge, for the month in advance for all services which have associated line rental and/or plan fe

Simply email requesting to add this person to your account. Note: The request must come from the authorised person on the account.

**DOWNLOAD Adding Authorised contact form

Our payment terms are 14 days from the issue date of your monthly phone account.

Our preferred method of payment is via direct debit.

However you can also pay your bill over the phone, via BPAY, EFT or via Cheque. Our available payment options can also be found on page 2 on your monthly phone account.

Click below and download our UNDERSTANDING MY PHONE BILL document. This has been created to help guide your through your new phone account with us, in an easy to read format.

Still have questions? Contact our friendly staff who will walk you through your Nexgen phone bill.

Our Direct debits are set up to occur on the due date of your invoice.

If a payment is received prior to the due date, and the balance on your account is zero, the Direct Debit will not go through.

All Line rental and plan fees are billed one full month in advance.

All usage charges; calls, internet, and mobile usage are billed for the previous calendar month, from the 1st of the month to the end of the month.

Nexgen emails monthly phone accounts to the email address provided to us. To add additional email addresses to receive the phone account, please complete the “Adding an Authorised Contact” Form and send it through to

You might also have a separate payment for your Equipment Rental / Lease.

This fixed monthly amount is in accordance with your signed agreement, fixed for the term.

For more information, go to our “Finance FAQ”.

Nexgen will continue to bill you for all usage and line rental / plan fees until such time that your services have completed ported away, plus 30 days notice.

You may still have services which have not transferred away, hence the phone bill from Nexgen.

Contact us directly to confirm which services might still be billing with us.

Your first invoice from Nexgen will have charges from the date we transferred your services across to us.

Your old provider could be sending out your final bill, which should have charges up until the date which the services transferred to Nexgen.

You might also have services with your old provider, which are not to come across to Nexgen, or services which are yet to still be transferred.

Contact us to help guide you through the invoice you have received from your old provider.

An Incorrect Call Out Attendance Charge / Fee relates to a recent fault you would have reported to us.

At the time of reporting your fault, our team would have confirmed with you a possible Incorrect call out charge, should the technician who attended not find a fault with the service externally.

Contact our Billing Team who will provide you with both the necessary details, and forms required to complete a transfer of both your Phone account and Equipment Finance agreement to the new owner.

Have additional questions? - We’re always here to help!