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Small Business Phone Systems

EXCELLENT 1427 reviews on Google Reviews

Cost Effective

Cost Effective

Save Money And Budget Confidently To Plan For Your Business Growth

Future Proofing

Future Proofing Tech

Future-Ready Cloud-Based Solutions Tailored To Your Business

Personalised Support

Personalised Support

Enjoy prompt support from Nexgen’s 24/7 Australian-based team, ensuring efficient problem solutions

See Why Thousands Of Business Owners Trust Nexgen.

4 Reasons Why Nexgen Is The Best Choice.

Why Nexgen Is The Best Choice.

6 reasons why

Cost-Effective Solutions

Nexgen offers transparent pricing with no hidden fees, helping you budget confidently and invest in your business growth without any surprises.


Future Proof Phone System

Future-ready cloud-based solutions tailored to your business evolution so that you can scale your business communication with confidence.


Reliable And Secure Connectivity

Ensure trust worthy interactions with safe, smooth, and reliable connectivity.


Personalised Service And Support

Access Nexgen's dedicated 24/7 Australian-based support. Promptly and expertly address your business needs for seamless operations.

Why Businesses Are Switching To Cloud Phone Solutions

Cost Savings 1 red

Cost Savings

Discover cost savings with cloud phone systems – reduced hardware costs, maintenance fees, and long-distance charges allocate resources efficiently.

Future Proof red

Future-Proof Technology

Stay ahead with future-proof technology – regular updates and advancements adapt to evolving communication needs seamlessly.

Reliable and Secure icon red

Secure Connectivity

Ensure reliable, secure connectivity – advanced encrypted protocols and robust security measures protect sensitive data, providing peace of mind.

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Simple Setup

Streamline operations and enhance productivity with simple cloud phone system installation.

keep exisitng number

Keep Existing Numbers

Easily port current numbers to the cloud, avoiding disruptions in communication.

Personalized Support red

Personalised Support

Enjoy personalised 24/7 Australian-based support – Your dedicated team ensures your needs are promptly met.

Hassle-Free Onboarding Comes Standard

Onboarding 1

Implementation in as little as 3 business days We will move at your pace, but if there are no barriers to porting, this process can happen quickly. Many of our customers choose to have a longer timeline, that is perfectly fine.

TrainingPeople 1

We will train your technical people to support the system, your leaders to report, monitor and record, and your people to use their phones. As many training sessions as needed.


Should you choose to retain your existing phones, we will log in remotely and program your phones. Most unlocked, modern phones are programmable. Simple process for you.

TransferofKnowledge 1

For you, it’s as simple as transferring knowledge about how many phones/people, who, and where. We will take it from there. The workload is on our onboarding team, not you.

WorldClassSupport 1

Our post-activation support and account management are just as good as our onboarding. We have high service standards: Live 24/7/365 support, 20-second answer time, and a 94% first contact resolution. With dedicated support, account management, and regular service reviews and evaluations, we will ensure your needs are met to your 100% satisfaction.

Serving Small Business Communication
for Over 15 Years.

Since 2008 Nexgen Australia has been helping and supporting Australian Small Business with all their telecommunication and office IT needs.

You’re our #1 priority and we’re proud to help so many business owners just like you save money and simplify small business communication.

serving and supporting small business

Connect With Australia's Most Awarded Small Business Telco Service Provider.

With an average 4.8 stars and over 1,500 reviews, Nexgen Australia is the #1 small business phone provider in customer satisfaction on Google.


A small business phone system is a telecommunications solution designed specifically for businesses with fewer employees or locations. It provides features like voicemail, call forwarding, and multiple line functionalities to enhance communication within the company and with clients.

A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system uses the internet to transmit voice calls, while traditional phone systems use landlines or cellular networks. VoIP systems often offer more flexibility, scalability, and features at a lower cost than traditional systems.

Yes, most service providers offer number portability, allowing businesses to retain their existing phone numbers when transitioning to a new phone system.

A small business phone system can enhance communication, improve customer service, offer scalability as your business grows, and often comes with features like call analytics, conferencing, and integration with other business tools.

The cost of setting up a phone system varies based on the type of system, features required, and the number of users. However, with the advent of cloud-based and VoIP solutions, many affordable options are available for small businesses.

A cloud-based phone system, often referred to as hosted VoIP, is where the service provider manages and maintains the technology off-site, and businesses access the system over the internet. On the other hand, an on-premises system means the hardware and infrastracture are housed within the business’s location, and the company is responsible for maintenance and updates.

Modern VoIP phone systems come with a range of security features, including encryption, secure voice protocols, and regular security updates. However, like any internet-connected system, it’s essential to follow best practices, such as using strong passwords and keepinh software updated, to ensure maximum security.

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Upgrade To The Latest Small Business Phone System Technology And Save Up To 70% Off Your Calls​

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